Tuesday, February 16, 2010

colors of february

Sue at Life Looms Large has her Colors of February post up - thought I'd join the fun by sharing some pictures from our trip out to the shore yesterday. Be sure to stop by Life Looms Large to see more winter colors from around the world!

During our day at the water, we saw beautiful ice formations, and tried to capture them on film. This was my favorite - it looks like it's set on a pedestal.

There were also lots of sheets of ice.

And some of the sheets of ice had piled together to make a little ice field right along the shoreline.

Right before we left for home, we saw this tree along the sand - I thought it was beautiful!


Life Looms Large said...

I love that ice pedestal!!! (I have an ice theme going on this week, even without today's snow.)

Those are cool pictures in their own right, plus they're color combinations that could definitely inspire some weaving!!

Stay warm!

Sara said...

Very pretty photos! I, too, like the tree...it's just interesting.

Colleen said...

Thanks Sue and Sara - I love taking photos on bright sunny winter days - makes the winter wonderland outside look even prettier!


Jenny Bellairs said...

The blues in your water and ice photos are beautiful. They remind me of Lake Michigan. I think there is too much snow on the beaches to try walking there yet. I enjoyed seeing your colors of February.