Saturday, February 13, 2010

winter market trip

It was another beautiful sunny day for another wonderful winter market in Exeter today! We brought home baby kohlrabi, lots of rutabaga, ground pork, kielbasa, onions, apples, and (the find I'm most excited about this week) guinea fowl.

I've never had guinea fowl before, but I'm really looking forward to giving it a try! As suggested by the farmer, we'll be seasoning it and then roasting it in a Dutch oven (325 degrees, 25 minutes per pound) with some water or wine to keep the bird moist. I'll definitely let you know how it comes out!

Happily there are more markets coming up soon - we have Newmarket and Rye next Saturday (Feb 20), and then the next Seacoast Eat Local market in Rollinsford (Feb 27). The winter markets really have been amazing this year - so well attended, so happy, and so great for continued access to local foods. All good!!


Life Looms Large said...

Looks like you brought home some good food as usual!!

Glad you like the idea of visiting Riverslea!! I found it really interesting, fun and informative. I think you guys would love it.

Hopefully next weekend I'll make it to one of the Farmer's Markets.


PS: Glad to hear your ringing endorsement of Banff!!

Sara said...

Nice haul...I picked up some baby bok choy and some parsnips the other day at the Co-op

Colleen said...

Hi Sue - Riverslea definitely sounds like a great place to visit - I'm going to get in touch with them this week hopefully and see if we can go over and see the babies! And Banff - well, when it comes to places to visit, it truly is amazing. Amazing!!

Hi Sara - baby bok choy I love, but I've never tried parsnips. I should, as I've seen them at the markets. On the list - parsnips!!