Monday, March 8, 2010

here comes the garlic

After last week's windstorm (we were without power for 6 days, lost a cute little Japanese maple tree we had in our yard, and have been cleaning up branches, limbs, and sticks for days now!!) we've been spending a lot of time outside. What a wonderful surprise when we pulled back some of the leaves that were on one of our garden beds to check on the garlic, and found several of the cloves we planted back in the Fall already sprouting up from under the soil! We covered them back up to keep them warm for a bit longer, but it seems Spring really is almost upon us! With the return of the gardening season, I'm hoping to get back to more regular blogging - this year, we're expanding the garden beds, planting much more than we did last year, and are really looking forward to a wonderful summer!


Ecocheapo said...

I tried to find my garlic today as well, but the leaf layer was still frozen solid. Gardening is in the air though and I couldn't be happier!

Life Looms Large said...

I've been thinking your blog has been awfully quiet (after your comment that your power was back on. Of course it was quiet while the power was off!)

Then I realized I'd shuffled things around in my google reader and you weren't where I expected you to be any more.

Anyway, glad you guys survived the power outage. Sorry that you were in a place where it took them so long to repair things. A lot of people on our street have generators because it seems like our power goes out for a long time when it goes. But before we all bought generators, people used to fill up buckets at a stream on our street so they'd have some running water. (Non-drinkable unfortunately)

That's cool that you're already seeing garlic. I've mostly been dealing with sticks. My flower garden needs to be cleaned up, but I'm still in stick clearing mode. I can't believe how much came down in small pieces. (But I'll take small branches over big trees any day!)


Eleanor said...

I love it...the surprise of coming upon that first, happy sign of spring. What a great photo. I've yet to try garlic in my garden; I always thought it was somehow too hard. The more I learn, the less I'm afraid.

Colleen said...

Hi all -
Seeing the garlic truly was a wonderful thing, especially after seeing the disaster in the yard that the windstorm caused! We still have so much cleaning up to do - but it's been so nice and sunny outside, the cleanup hasn't seemed much like work at all.

Sue, Glad google reader didn't make us disappear forever :)
We've debated getting a generator - but we're on a community well, so even with a generator we wouldn't have running water. We were cooking on the grill and melting snow at the woodstove (for non-drinkable water) after this past storm - but since we lost power for 6.5 days after the ice storm, and now 6 days with this storm, seems it would be a good idea for us to figure something out JUST in case this happens again!!

Happy almost Spring!!!!