Wednesday, March 24, 2010

my favorite sign of spring

I like crocuses, and chirping birds, and the reappearance of my garden frog statues from under the snow - but my favorite sign of Spring is, without a doubt, the arrival of the UNH cherry tomato plants. These plants are available at their annual Greenhouse Open House - but you can also buy them direct from the greenhouse a couple days prior to the event (which is March 26 and 27 this year). Rumor has it they sell out super quick at the open house itself - so get there early for the best chance of getting plants of your own!

We went over to UNH today, to pick up a pair of plants. The ones we got already have tiny tomatoes on them - and if the past years are good predictors of the future, by late April or early May we'll be picking red tomatoes for our salads, from these cute little plants growing in our sunroom. The tomatoes aren't as sweet as those that are grown outdoors in the summer - but they're pretty tasty (and I love when visitors come by our house and say "are those TOMATOES??" - and I get to say "yes indeed they are!!").

So, if you're looking for an awesome Springtime activity and you're nearby to UNH, grab a couple tomato plants and have fun watching tomatoes grow inside your house too!


Life Looms Large said...

I totally should have read this before I went to the open greenhouse today!!! I forgot that you've had success growing tomatoes inside. I think I could handle that amount of indoor gardening.

Maybe next year! (Or with plants from some other source)


Colleen said...

Hi Sue -
The tomatoes are definitely lots of fun - I heard the greenhouse open house was awesome too. We didn't make it over there since we'd just been to pick up our plants - but I bet the flowers were beautiful!!!
:) Colleen