Tuesday, April 27, 2010

garden update

As we in New Hampshire await rain and possible snow tonight (eek!!!), I thought a garden update seemed in order, as a reminder of the warm sunny weather we were having just a couple days ago!

We planted snap peas, lettuce, kale, spinach, and broccoli seeds back a few weeks ago - and garlic back in October.

The broccoli is not feeling photogenic yet, but the peas are coming right along - and soon will be tall enough to start climbing the trellis we "planted" for them, made out of sticks and branches that came down in the wind storm that struck our region back in February.

The spinach, kale, and lettuce have been enjoying the nice warm Spring, and are in serious need of some thinning out (it's on the to-do list!).

The mint that we transplanted last year from a perennial bed in our yard has started to come back, and the chives we planted from seed last year are back as well. Missing from this picture is a pot full of oregano transplants that we got from a Freecycle friend this week - the oregano is in a bit of transplant shock, but is starting to perk up and look much happier than it did when we first planted it!

But my favorite success story so far is definitely the garlic - we planted garlic for this year in two different raised beds, and the early warm-up has it growing strong and tall already! I'm looking forward to garlic scape pesto... yum!!

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