Monday, April 26, 2010

luke and yoda

While we were outside gardening this weekend, Luke and Yoda spent time hopping around on the grass, getting used to eating small quantities of the new Spring growth that's popping up.

There seem to be many opinions as to whether domestic rabbits can eat grass without it bothering their stomachs, but what I thought made the most sense was something I read that said to try acclimating your rabbits to grass a little at a time - see how they do and whether it seems to upset their stomachs - and if they seem to be doing well, then increase the amount they have the opportunity to eat a little at a time.

Our plan (if all goes well with our little guys eating grass) is build two smallish "rabbit tractors" (similar to the idea of chicken tractors) so we can have Luke and Yoda safely contained while outside on the grass much of the summer - that way they can eat their fill (we'll also continue giving them rabbit pellets to eat as well), get some exercise after being caged much of the winter, and also help fertilize our yard (which, as you can see from the photos, could use whatever help it can get in certain areas...). All good!


Life Looms Large said...

What cuties!! The grass practically looks good enough for humans to eat right green and spring-like!

I can never remember which rabbit is Luke and which is Yoda. I hope the grass agrees with them....because I'm sure they love being outside!!


Colleen said...

Hi Sue -
Yoda is the bigger guy - Luke is the darker colored minilop. They are really fun to watch - they're loving their time hopping around outside!!