Tuesday, May 25, 2010

kale, kale, everywhere kale!

We spent lots of time in the garden this weekend, as the 10-day forecast gives us no chance of cold temperatures, so it was time to get the tomatoes planted! For tomato seedlings, we planted Juliet, 4th of July, and a grape tomato variety whose name I can't recall right now. We also planted (from seed) green beans, zucchini, pattypan squash, 2 different varieties of cucumbers, and crookneck squash... plus 2 pattypan squash seedlings.

But the most fun of the weekend was harvesting a bowl full of our own grown-from-seed curly kale, to add to a stir-fry dinner Sunday night. The full dinner consisted of almost all local ingredients - the chicken, garlic, and onion were all from the farmers' markets. The kale from our own garden. And the rice, salt, and soy sauce were from afar.

This was our kale, pre-harvest - there's still plenty of it outside - we picked the outer leaves, and so more leaves will keep growing (and we'll keep adding them to stir-fries!!).

As for the rest of the garden, we have lettuce growing bigger every day (we've been harvesting the outer leaves of the lettuce plants for salads, and leaving the inner leaves to grow larger) -

The peas are growing taller (though I wonder how the very hot weather predicted for the next 2 days is going to affect them)...

And the garlic is the happiest garlic I've seen this early in the season -

And now we eagerly await the emergence of the beans, cucumbers, and squashes that we seeded. So far this year, life in the garden is super good!!


livinginalocalzone said...

Your post made me remember that I still have to get spring garlic in the ground. I planted some last year around this time, and I loved having the green shoots as a flavoring herb-type role in dishes. Yours looks great :-) Congrats on the kale too. Happily, it seems to go well with garlic!

Sara said...

Oh, I love kale - especially since I learned how to fix it. Went on a knitting retreat - and for dinner one night we had sauteed kale with garlic...I ate it over some pasta. IT was so good.