Friday, May 7, 2010

luke meets mo-pug

It's a beautiful sunny day in NH today, so we spent the morning outside working in the gardens. We seeded another round of spinach and lettuce, weeded the snap peas, and built another trellis out of fallen sticks for the second round of snap peas which were seeded a couple weeks ago and are already about 2" tall. This warm May weather has been great for the gardens, for sure!

While we were outside, Mo-Pug was running around the yard, and Luke was running around in an x-pen (yet another Freecycle treasure!). When Mo noticed Luke, she went over to check him out -

Mo was very curious about Luke - but Luke was even more curious about Mo -he jumped right over to the edge of the pen to get an extra-good look (or maybe sniff...)!

Once everyone's curiosity was satisfied, it was time for a nap in the sunshine!

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Life Looms Large said...

So cute to see Mo and Luke meeting!!

A bunny napping in the doesn't get any better!

My friends with bunnies have indoor rabbits, and have had some problems with them digging - like trying to dig a hole to get through a door that's closed.

Hopefully Luke won't dig his way free!!