Sunday, June 27, 2010

barrington open farm day

Today we headed to Barrington, NH for Open Farm Day. There's no way I can resist an opportunity to go and see alpacas!!

First we headed to Profile Alpacas - what a beautiful place! They had chickens strutting about -

And adorable Nigerian Dwarf Goats -

And what had to be the world's friendliest llama. He came running over to the fence when we approached, and stood with us for as long as we'd keep rubbing his head and ears. We'd stop - he'd walk away. We'd hold our hand out - he'd come over for more rubs. He even put his head down low so my 7 year old could reach his nose (did I get a picture of that?? No - but trust me, it was a precious moment!!).

Of course they had alpacas too - but the fences were high, so I didn't get any photos except some that were through the bars. No worries though - because the alpacas over at Sallie's Fen were more than happy to have their photo taken -

And one of them in particular, like the friendly llama at Profile, really liked having his head rubbed!! Alpacas are just the sweetest animal - so gentle, and so curious. And when they're happy, they hum. Adorable!!

While we were enjoying the alpacas, we noticed the unusual mulch in the garden at Sallie's Fen - leftover alpaca fiber. Now that makes for an awesome and interesting looking garden!!

It was a great time - I'm already looking forward to next year's Farm Day!


Sara said...

I love open Farm Days - and getting to see all the llamas and alpacas...sheep, too...

livinginalocalzone said...

I've never heard of the open-farm day concept before, but I do like it! We don't have farms with animals like that here (i.e. llamas and alpacas) so it was particularly neat to see your post. About how big are they?

Life Looms Large said...

I was so tempted by this open farm day, but I did a textile thing down in MA on Sunday instead.

The alpacas are so cute!! I wonder if they're babies. Or are they naturally that small.

Good thing I'm not a spinner! Otherwise I'd probably cry looking at all that fiber on the ground!

Hope they have the open farm day again next year (or even later this year). I would definitely love to visit those animals!


Maureen said...

What a great way to spend an afternoon! The alpaca fiber looks so cool!