Monday, June 14, 2010

the garden is growing!

We stopped by the Durham farmers' market this afternoon, and Wake Robin farm had BROCCOLI!! Yum, yum, and more yum - broccoli for dinner tonight!! Folks also had snap peas, snow peas, cucumbers, strawberries, beets, and lots of greens and garlic scapes. We came home with eggs, broccoli, snow peas, and cucumbers - and then headed out into our garden to see how things were coming along.

Mo of course kept an eye on Luke, to make sure he was eating clover and not vegetables...

Which Luke was more than happy to do -

Anyway, on to the plants...

The Brussels Sprouts are growing (after getting cabbage worms last year, we thought about not growing Brussels sprouts again - but I just love them so much, we had to give it another try, even if it does mean we'll be picking worms off the plants again!).

Someone/something has already been getting to the broccoli plants... will be keeping an eye out to see who it is and how we can encourage them to go eat elsewhere!

The pattypan squash are growing like crazy - as are the kale and more Brussels sprouts in the background!

Lemon cucumber plants are looking good -

And the kale, well - it's growing and growing and growing!!

The garlic is getting tall and the stems are getting thick. We cut scapes off all but 2 of the garlic plants, and the scapes are going straight into tonight's stirfry!

Saved the best for last - when we checked a couple days ago, the pea plants were flowering -

And now, the peas are growing!!

If you have a garden this year, I hope it too is growing happily and well!!


Ecocheapo said...

Did you see any rhubarb at the market? I was hoping to pick some up on Exeter this week. And you're garden looks wonderful! Pugs are really a homesteaders best friend.

Colleen said...

LOL yes I think every homestead would be a happier place with a pug or two :)

I didn't notice rhubarb at the market, but then I wasn't looking for it, so there could have been some that I missed!

:) Colleen

Life Looms Large said...

Your garden looks great!! I can't remember if I told you, but thanks in part to your influence, we planted 3 tomato plants this year. (1 cherry, 1 Roma and 1 regular). Hopefully we'll have success and we can see if we want to branch out a bit next year.

Had my first local strawberry shortcake last night. Yum!! I'm going to try to pick berries somewhere this week and experiment with ice cream, frozen yogurt and jam. We'll see though....we might not have the right weather at a time when I can pick.

Love the bunny & pug pics as always!


Colleen said...

Hi Sue! Tomatoes - awesome!! I hope they grow well for you!
We've brought home two pints of strawberries this year so far, and have eaten them up before we could make anything with them... it happens :) Strawberry ice cream sounds yummy though - I might have to put that on our "to make" list!!
:) Colleen

livinginalocalzone said...

Oh, that garlic! :-) Sounds like the farmers' market is going in full force. You're in North Carolina's Durham? I lived there for several years and really enjoyed the markets. Wow on the squash you have. What are the lemon cucumber plants? A variety of traditional cucumbers?

acrumbfalls said...

My garden is so much better this year, than last. I love your rabbit. I want to get one myself. How old is it?

Colleen said...

Hi Mangochild! Durham, New Hampshire farmers' market for us - though I'm sure the markets in North Carolina, with the warmer-than-New-Hampshire weather down south, must be amazing!!! :)
The lemon cucumbers are something we got in our CSA last year, and wanted to try to grow ourselves this year - they're just another variety of cucumber, but we found them to be really nice and crisp (and tasty!!). I'm hoping we can grow them in our garden and enjoy lots of them this summer!
:) Colleen

Colleen said...

Hi acrumbfalls - thanks for stopping by and commenting! We have 2 rabbits - they're both just about a year old. They keep us smiling as they're super fun to watch - and they provide great manure for our gardens!!
:) Colleen