Tuesday, June 15, 2010

our thinking rabbit

Yoda is a thinking rabbit. His buddy Luke is content to just hop about and eat clover when he's outside - hop about and eat pellet food when he's in the hutch - hop and eat, hop and eat.

But if you put Yoda in his hutch, he looks for trouble - most specifically he looks to see if he can figure out how to nibble the cage wire in such a way as to make not just tiny holes - but rather as to make it unravel, 2 foot long piece by 2 foot long piece.

If you make a special trip to the feed store to get a food dish that hooks onto the side of the hutch so he'll stop dumping his pellet food every time you feed him, he'll watch you hook it on for a couple days, and then on the third day, he'll hop over after you hook on the dish, grab the edge of the dish in his mouth, LIFT the dish ever so slightly up into the air to disengage the hooks from the wire, and hop away to the other side of the hutch with the dish held in his mouth, to place it in the back corner where he likes to eat a little first, and then dump the rest.

Yes, this is not a rabbit for those who lack a sense of humor!!!

Anyway, so if you put him in the x-pen that contains Luke perfectly well in the yard, and then you lie a piece of fencing on top in an attempt to discourage jumping, Yoda immediately wonders how he can get around this obstacle and head for greener pastures!!

He really is a riot, our little Yoda friend!!


Sara said...

What a cute bunny! He's smart alright!

Life Looms Large said...

It's always interesting to me how animals have different personalities. We see that in our dogs.

Our previous Brittany needed tons of exercise every day or she'd go stir-crazy. Bailey can almost take or leave a walk, but he loves to figure things out. He'd definitely be like your bunny Yoda, if he were a bunny!

We've tried to channel that energy by teaching him tricks. He loves to do tricks. Can rabbits do tricks? I've never heard of anything like that....although I know some people housebreak theirs.

You know how rats roll around in those balls? Can a bunny do that?? Or are there bunny toys he'd like? (OK - I'm definitely heading into spoiled pet territory....I know because I have a very well-loved dog!!)

Stay cool!

Colleen said...

Hi Sara and Sue -
Yoda really does keep us laughing - he has SO much personality!!

Rabbits can't go inside those hamster/rat balls, but I have read that some people buy cat toys for their rabbits, to keep them busy. I wonder what Yoda would think of a toy... might have to get him something and see what he does with it! I'm all for semi-spoiled pets - after all, they give us so much joy, I think they deserve to be a bit pampered :)
I do think Yoda enjoys his time outside on the grass - he definitely likes following Mo around as she babysits him while he bounces in his pen!! Yesterday my son was playing with water, hoses, buckets, etc. - Yoda watched him the whole time, often standing up on his hind legs to get a better view. It was adorable!!!