Saturday, June 19, 2010

yard sale treasures and farmers' market fun

The Newmarket, NH farmers' market began its summer season today, and we of course had to go and get garlic scapes (thank you, Wild Miller Gardens!) and broccoli (thank you, Hollister Family Farm!). We'll be making more garlic scape pesto this evening, which is a good thing since I finished our first batch on toast with breakfast this morning... yum!! There were all sorts of other treasures there at the Market too - from meat and eggs to soup and seedlings, they had it all covered! The new location for the market is perfect - it's just next to the Stone Church, instead of in the Stone Church parking lot. This leaves more space for parking - always a good thing for such a busy little market!!

On the way to the market, we stopped at a couple yard sales. I was excited to find a cute cement planter for $1.00 -

And a play-yard that will work just perfectly for Mr Luke so that he and Yoda can be outside hopping about at the same time (they can't share a pen, as they squabble when they get together). Although I'm not excited about bringing too much plastic into the house, I think this play yard was well worth the $5 we paid for it - and I figure if we use it, it doesn't end up in the landfill!

Luke and Yoda were of course more than happy to try out their pens this afternoon...

Our final find for today was a fabulous food mill in near-new condition (the man selling it asked us what it was when we bought it - he said he found it in his mother's closet and had no idea - so he threw it in the 50 cent pile and figured someone would take it home... that'd be us!). It'll be perfect for making tamales from scratch, which my husband likes to do a couple times each year. And since making tamales from scratch means grinding corn, and last time we were grinding corn we burned out our blender (oops!!!) this food mill should make for more physical labor in the cooking process, but less reliance on modern appliances that aren't always up to old-fashioned jobs!!

Hope you're having a great weekend too!!


amy said...

Great food mill, and even better price. That will come in handy for making sauce, if late blight lets us have tomatoes this year!

Sara said...

Great buys...I like the fact that the babies can be both out at the same time...enjoying the weather.

I was going to ask you what you did with garlic scapes??? They had them at my farmers market for 10 for $1.00...I'll get some if I know what to do with them and how to use them.

livinginalocalzone said...

Fun on the food mill. I love tamales. Garlic scape pesto on bread is something I'd never have thought of, but it makes sense :-)

Life Looms Large said...

Wow - you're good at yard sales! You always seem to find great stuff!

Good to be reminders of the Newmarket Farmer's Market. Somehow I'm surprised that broccoli is ready now, but glad!

I don't use my food mill much, but have used it for applesauce and mashed potatoes. Both come out a little smoother than I'd like if I do it that way though. Tamales sound great!

Happy weekend!

Colleen said...

Hi Amy - I was so sad to read that blight has been found in Connecticut. I really hope it doesn't make its way up here again this year... I'm hoping to be able to make lots of tomato sauce and salsa for the freezer this year!!

Hi Sara - we use garlic scapes to make garlic scape pesto. I'll post the recipe today. Garlic scape pesto is SUPER tasty!!

Hi Mangochild - when I was buying garlic scapes last week I told the farmer I'd taken to eating garlic scape pesto on toast for breakfast - she said "me too - I mean, why NOT have pesto for breakfast while you can??" - cracked me up!!! She's definitely my kind of farmer!!

Hi Sue - I've only seen a couple farms with broccoli so far, so I think it's early - but it's SO good!!! And I was super happy to see sunshine Saturday - we've been mostly rained out of yard-saling so far this year. But not this past week - it was beautiful!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by!!!